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About Mörkrets tid

Mörkrets tid – Time of Darkness – is a full length album by the Swedish metal band Svavelvinter, music by Christian Älvestam and lyrics by Erik Granström. It is currently available at dimoutproductions.com

In this blog all lyrics from the record in Swedish and English will be collected. I will explain what each song is about, one at a time for those interested.

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Lyrics of songs in the album
Döds ände – Death's end
Vanderland – Wanderland
De åldriga ödlornas ed – Oath of the ancient wyrms
Glasmannen – The glass man
Shum Shaula
Den gudomliga väven – The divine tapestry
Ishjärta – Heart of Ice
Mörkrets tid – Time of Darkness

The setting
The setting in the album was created a long time ago for a series of Swedish role playing game (RPG) adventures and novels written by Erik Granström. Christian played the RPG as a kid and picked up the name Svavelvinter, which is the title of the first RPG adventure as well as the first novel in the series. The renaissance fantasy land Trachoria invades the polar island Marjura to gain control of it's sulphur marshes, setting in motion all kinds of bad things.

All the songs on Mörkrets tid are set on Marjura, picturing scenes, creatures and moods from the novels, while the next Svavelvinter album probably will move to Trachoria proper.

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