onsdag 13 juni 2018

Reviews of Mörkrets Tid

Reviews of Mörkrets Tid
Please post your personal reviews of Svavelvinter's Mörkrets Tid as answers to this blog post. We'd appreciate if you refrain from discussions here and keep those on the Svavelvinter FaceBook forum.

Professional reviews
* Jimmy Barendt, 4/5 at Rocknytt web site, june 2018
* Mårten Cederberg, 5/6 in Gaffa Magazine, june 2018
* Peter Bernhardsson, 9/10 in Sweden Rock Magazine, may 2018 (link when available)

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Dante Karlsson sa...

I have been a fan of Christians music for a long time now.
And when you combine Christians Vocals white the awrsome lyrics of Erik its a combo that cant be stopt.
Only word i have for "Mörkrets Tid" is a masterpeice.
The mix of melodic death and blaclmetal infused whit Eriks RPG mystery lycrics awesome.
Buy it and enjoy