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Ishjärta lyrics

Ishjärta – Heart of Ice
Seventh song on Svavelvinter's full-length-album Mörkrets Tid.
English lyrics translation and explanations below.
Album available at Dimout Production.

This song depicts a disastrous expedition to the submerged ruins of the city Krau-Ki. A band of monks are looking for an ancient blade that they think will be useful against the undead Crurer. The ruins are located in a giant ice cave under the glacier Kmorda. To make things even worse, a lake has formed on the glacier above the city.

Swedish lyrics
Bortom berg, bortom snö
finns en stad under sjö
Markens märg hör jag dö
Hjärtat slår, håller rytmen än
Ur en tid, av ett band
utan frid, vinterns hand
letar strid, klyver land
genom köld ännu vandrar hän

Vad än vi söker så finner oss ödet
Vi blir allt färre, vi faller i vår grav
Där isen kröker att leda oss till möte
ren vinterns herre det kalla rummet gav

Allt ska vakna
Allt ska dö

Den oss hemsöker drar ner oss i flödet
är inte kräsen. Konfluxen blir vårt nav

Regnbågen fångad under frusna himlavalv
i stumma speglar hennes skri
Miljoner tårar regnar ner med isens skalv
Vi delar bittert hennes sorgestund
aldrig mer bli fri

Kom ät med mig
känn giftet fylla ben och blod
Bli ett med allt
låt dela syskonspillrans bord
Hör natten gå till ton från isens tusendropp
Med gryningsljus 
ska vattnet tvaga fallen kropp

Vart än vi strävat vi aldrig funnit något
Under vår väntan förbannelsen låg kvar
Vi ständigt bävat 
men alltid plikten vågat
Förfädrens längtan  
vårt hopp i tiden bar

English lyrics
Beyond mountains, beyond snow
there’s a town under a lake
I hear the earth’s marrow die
while the heart beats, still keeping it’s rythm
Out of time, of a bond
without rest, winter’s hand
seeks battle, cleaving land
roaming still through the cold

Whatever we seek, destiny finds us
We’re getting fewer, falling in our graves
Where the ice curves leading us to meet him
the lord of winter opening his cold abode

All shall awaken
All shall die

He who haunts us pulls us down into the flow
He devours. The Conflux be our grave

The rainbow trapped beneath the frozen heavens
silent mirrors showing her fear
A million tears fall from shuddering ice
We share her bitter sorrow
never again to be free

Come eat with me
feel the poison flow through bone and blood
Become one with all
share the table of our shrinking group
Hear the night pass, resounding dripping ice
With the morning light
water shall cleanse our fallen bodies

Wherever we strived, nothing was found
Throughout our wait the curse remained
Incessantly we trembled 
but still honoured our duties
The ancestors’ longing 
bore our hope through ages

# # #

The Conflux is a central concept in the novels. It is a needle's eye in the flow of destiny, a time and a place towards which all narratives converge. What happens there will decide the future. Many for this reason seek to dominate The fifth Conflux that is approaching, among them the wizard Shagul from Death's End.

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Xavier sa...

Hi Erik,

you must have been asked this question a thousand times , but is there any chance to see your books translated in english in the near future ?



Erik Granström sa...

Xavier: I'd love to see an English translation, but basically this depends on a publisher becoming interested in distributing the novel. I actually received the Danish translation of Svavelvinter this very day, but nothing upcoming on the English front so far.

Feel free to rattle any ajacent and relevant cages to wake the publishers!